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We are revolutionizing satellite communications with our cutting-edge active electronically scanned array technology. 


Efficient Array Design

Intellian’s active electronically scanned arrays (AESA) are a core component of the Flat Panel Series. Based on a proprietary antenna element design and custom vector-amplifier phased array chipset, the array is able to precisely control the antenna beams by electronically varying phase and amplitude parameters.


Our proprietary array design and software algorithms enable the delivery of the most efficient, highest performing and cost-effective flat panels available in the market.


Intellian’s innovative antenna element and unit cell design, unique PCB board stack-up, and fabrication process result in lower scan loss with wider scan range.


Lower scan loss provides higher G/T and higher EIRP at scan, maintaining high throughput. Wider field-of-view scan range allows Intellian Flat Panel Series to remain in network, even in the most severe platform motion.



Designed to support the frequent beam and satellite handovers required for operation on NGSO (Non Geostationary Orbits) networks, Intellian’s flat panel architecture supports highly accurate beam pointing and ultra-fast, sub 350 micro-second satellite handovers - 1,000 times faster than a blink of the eye. This rapid handover maintains the data connection during handover, resulting in an exceptional end user experience.


Optimized installation

With Intellian’s proprietary algorithms for Automated True North Calibration and Tilt-Error Compensation, the installation process requires minimal training.


Intellian’s Flat Panel lightweight design enables a single person install for both the Enterprise and Compact UT Series. The UT features a single coaxial cable connection between indoor and outdoor units, further simplifying the installation. Complemented with Intellian’s intuitive and user-friendly Mobile App, the installation, monitoring and troubleshooting process is further optimized.


Our Auto Commissioning capability ensures Intellian Flat Panel user terminals are online within four minutes from power on.

Automated True North

Tilt Error Compensation


Single Person
(Size, Weight)

Mobile App



Smart blockage mitigation

Intellian flat panels integrate the same blockage mitigation intelligence used in our market leading maritime terminals.

During a dual installation on land or on a vessel, the installer can configure the user terminals to store the location of known obstructions, which cause block zones. When live, advanced software algorithms then coordinate between the two flat panels, which operate as a single logical terminal to ensure connectivity to the satellite, knowing the location of these block zones and avoiding them.

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